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Hey everyone, i hope you are all well. As you know by the title of this blog, it will cover articles that speak about my personal relationship and experiences with God that i intend to inspire you to reflect on your life to see if you are living the right way. I don't intend to be judgmental in my posts because I am imperfect or to disregard other religious views because I respect what you believe in. I will try my best to link my posts with verses and stories in the bible and I will pray for inspiration from God to make posts that touch the very essence of your souls.This posts will cover my daily experiences as a christian, the challenges i face, temptations that come my way, how to overcome temptations and how to rely on God's abundant mercy and grace. I oblige my readers to suggest certain topics to discuss in my articles and I will gladly make posts concerning these topics. 


I intend to inspire people towards understanding the importance of having a personal relationship with God  and how this relationship changes your path in life. 


My intentions for this blog is to share my spiritual experiences for people who have similar desire to know and please God. To provide a platform where people from different backgrounds participate in this interactive forum where people share their experiences with the sole aim of inspiring each other to follow Jesus Christ.

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