Friday, 18 January 2013

Love God with all your heart, soul, mind, body and strenght

Matthew 22:37- Jesus said ''Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind

Hey everyone, I decided to make this post because of the recent happenings I have been going through. As a beginner in Christianity, I have been watching religious videos concerning the birth, life,death, resurrection and assumption of Jesus Christ. Christians described him as 'the greatest phenomenon that walked the surface of the earth'.Some people would say, why is Jesus Christ called the son of God? or why should believers sing his praise but if you watch closely the life of Jesus Christ. He was a Holy man, pure and clean in thought and act but he never made people who had fallen out of the road of righteousness feel judged, he comforted them and gave them a restoring hope of forgiveness.

Referring to the topic, this verse is the greatest commandment Jesus Christ gave us before his departure, He said ''Love God and Love man''. One would think, this doesn't match with the ten commandements given by God to the Israelites but if you think critically the first four commandments are duties from man to God while the other six are from man to man. In summary, Jesus Christ had solved the maths behind these rules and gave a solid solution which is love.Also, Jesus Christ gave this one absolute commandment because he noticed the way people were more concerned with observing the law for human gratification, self-righteousness and fear of punishment rather than the true purpose it was made for which is having a personal relationship with God.This leads to the issue of today that is broken down in the following sub-headings.


I am practicing christian who is not perfect but just wants to have a good relationship with God. For a while now, I have been experiencing some kind of intrusive thoughts that challenge my worship and reverence for God.These thoughts all started when i was a lot younger in primary school, then it resurfaced at the end of my secondary school when I was facing challenges in my studies and now its back to question my faith. Sometimes, I feel that, I am the cause of this problem because of my constant reflection of the beyond while other times I thought it was a temptation. At first, I was scared to tell anyone about these thoughts for fear of being judged but when these thoughts got extreme, I had to tell someone, on the contrary to what i felt, I found out that other people had evil thoughts that tormented their minds but had better ways of dealing with it. Furthermore, I went on line to research about these thoughts and I discovered that many people had these problems and this was discussed by both psychologists and christians.However, I felt guilty because I emphasised on these thoughts as though,they were real.As an individual, I felt immensely shy to share my problem with others but I feel that I should speak to the world about this problem. There are so  many people,battling with different circumstances and as superstitious as this sounds '' battling with demons''. Sometimes, I ask myself ''why am I bordered about these thoughts'', ''why am I allowing it to disturb me'' ''is this a test'' or ''am i deluding myself'' but I realise that our minds our like pathways that both good and evil passes through, what defines the nature of our minds is the thoughts we accept and how we express these thoughts into words or action.


As I said above, I researched on these thought. I found out that these thoughts are the products of our worst fear. Have you ever dreaded a situation or experience in life? if your so scared, these feelings may turn into thoughts or nightmares that torment you. I figured that one of my worst fears was to live a cursed life or to be separated from God or to do something unforgivable, I felt bad when people said that, they had evil thoughts but the quickly dismissed them and for me I couldn't dimiss mine, it made me feel as though I had obsessive compulsive disorder [OCD] or am a sinner who needs to be punished. However, coming across the bible and the biblical answers to this type of problem, I discovered that, these problems are not new to either God or man. I realised my failure to trust in God and the ready verses that assures me and you all, of God's  love and forgiveness.

                     Verses such as: Phillipians4:7-8, 2Timothy1:7, 2Corithians10:4-5 and Ephisians6.

I have realised  how human I am, how i have been afraid about these thoughts, the constant arguement in my mind for what I believe in but this has taught me that, we need to depend on God's graces, mercy and forgiveness for things and situations that are beyond our control.  


I am an imperfect human being, prone to temptations, trials and evil but Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sin, he paid the price that we can never pay.Therefore, if I am imperfect but Jesus Christ saw me and you all, worth his while.Its in our place to trust that, our sins are forgiven.


Dear God, I plead that people who may be going through similar situations like myself, may have the confidence in your love and mercy, to believe that you will forgive them of their sins and temptations, help them to understand that Jesus Christ died for our sins and paid the price for our iniquity, so that we can be reconciled to You and have a chance of salvation in our lives.Thank you Lord.


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